The South Carolina Community Alliance is the collective voice representing the interests of all property owners in South Carolina. Our goal is simple: To educate you on the issues that impact your most important investment, your home!

We invite you to join us and together we can protect property rights and homeownership now and in the future.


Homeownership is the cornerstone of the American Dream…and we want to protect it for future generations. Homeownership is one of the best ways for an individual to build equity and for many of us, is the largest investment of our lives. We can keep that dream alive by educating you on all the benefits of being a homeowner.


By adding your voice to the South Carolina Community Alliance, you can help us advocate for property owners at local and state level of government. When ordinances, regulations or legislation is introduced that will affect your property, we will contact you and give you a detailed explanation as to how you will be affected.


Once you understand the issues, we hope that you’ll act by contacting your neighbors and your elected officials asking them to be champions of property rights, homeownership and real estate. Your actions can lead to real change. Together we can have a stronger voice. Together we can make a difference.

Transparency Report

We want you to know the source of our funding. The South Carolina Community Alliance is funded by 21,000 REALTOR® members in South Carolina. All funds are used for educational purposes only (flyers, ads, etc) highlighting issues affecting property rights and homeownership in South Carolina. These funds are never used to support, oppose or make contributions to political candidates.

SCCA Fund Balance (as of 1/31/2018):


We also want you to know where we spend our money. It’s a matter of trust.
The South Carolina Community Alliance reports all its expenditures to the South Carolina Ethics Commission.  Reports are filed in June and December each year.  You can learn more about how our funds are spent searching for ‘South Carolina Association of REALTORS®’ on the South Carolina Ethics Commission website.

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